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15 Mar 2024

The Art Behind the Cost: Why Is “Good” Boudoir Photography So Expensive?

Boudoir photography is an intimate and empowering form of art that captures the beauty, sensuality, and vulnerability of the subject. When done right, it can boost self-esteem, promote body positivity, and create cherished memories that last a lifetime. However, many people wonder why “good” boudoir photography comes with a hefty price tag. In this post, we’ll delve into the factors that contribute to the expense of quality boudoir photography and why it’s worth every penny. Skill and Expertise One of […]

16 Mar 2021

Fearlessly BARE: Bodyscapes

In March 2021, I performed a personal project that involved volunteers who helped me with creating what we call “Bodyscapes”. These sessions break my own rule of shooting complete nudity. So how do I shoot these shots? They are basically my own style anyways, where we setup the model and one light to highlight one particular part of the human body. My style lends itself well to these shots. So spend a few minutes and check out the work I […]

23 Feb 2021

Fearlessly BARE: A Wife’s Tribute

I love stories that accompany my sessions. Many do a session to reassess themselves and their lives. Some do a session to document a goal reached. Some do a session because they have been torn down emotionally and physically. But this one was a first. In September 2020, this woman booked one of my Twilight in the Chateau sessions and wanted her session to become more of a tribute to her late husband. “I first booked a session with Jeff […]

16 Jan 2021

Fearlessly BARE: A Life Changed

Many ask why I do boudoir? I love the artistic angle and it fits with my wedding videography side of my business. But I didn’t really realize at the start how much of an impact it would make to those who did a session. I have had sessions that centered around breast cancer, emotional abuse and self-preservation. But never did I realize that what I would do is save a life. Session that would set the stage In June 2020, […]

20 Nov 2020

A Typical Experience

So a lot of people ask me about how a typical session is, what is involved, what do you get, how long does it take? And that is what this article is all about. So we want to lead you through a typical experience. Booking an Experience So you may have been interested in how an “Experience” works. And it starts from the first day you talk to me about reserving it. What we do is decide on a certain […]

08 Oct 2020

When the mirror doesn’t show you who you are.

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said ” Damn, I look good!”? I bet a large percentage of us would say: “I haven’t ever felt that way”, except for me, I always think I look good, JK!! We start picking out the flaws, the stretch marks, the scars, the acne, the tattoo you wish you didn’t get, the rolls, etc. If you are one of the 85% of the population that has self-esteem issues, then […]

10 Sep 2020

“I Don’t Shoot Porn!!”

Are you one of those people who have heard about boudoir and you think it is a form of photography, where the photographer is taking pictures of couples having sex? Or someone taking naked pictures of a woman? If so, then you need to be educated. What is Boudoir? Boudoir is a style of photography for individuals (men and women), who want to see themselves as desirable. It is an art form that has taken the world by storm in […]

19 May 2020

How revealing will your session be?

So being a male photographer in a largely female dominated genre is a challenge. And many have asked the question: How revealing will my session be? The answer to that is quite simple, it is how comfortable you feel being revealed? So does this mean you have to be completely nude in your session? Nope. Does this mean you have to be completely covered up? Nope. I am very sensitive to how comfortable you are being photographed. Every person has […]

13 May 2020

Don’t Loose Yourself in these Trying Times.

Early in fall of 2019, I put out a model call. I had a number of women reach out with interest in becoming a model for a free session. Many pursued it and kept their session, but many just did not follow through. I made several long lasting connections with the ones who participated in helping me and many clients from them. But my first one stood out a little bit. She had quite the trying time in her life. […]