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Mrs. Ritchie's Experience

"I had my first (I say first because I will definitely be going back for more pictures!) shoot with Jeff this past weekend, he is definitely AMAZING at what he does. I was a little nervous at first, but he totally made me feel comfortable and made the experience so enjoyable! He was very respectful, and professional. He made sure to ask me what I wanted out of the shoot, and things I wanted to avoid. He showed me pictures along the way, and let me tell you I can not wait to get them back and see the final result! I absolutely will be recommending him to any everyone I meet that say they interested in spicy photos!"

Ms. Newcomb-Headley's Experience

"I highly recommend Jeff to do any photo you need or would like or want..he is amazing. And does amazing work. I had the honor today to have a photo shoot done and I had a great time...so everyone check him out."

Mrs. Moore's Experience

"If you’re anything like I was when you heard the word boudoir you almost cringe at the thought that you could never imagine doing any kind of photos like that and maybe it’s because your not the skinniest or maybe you have stretch marks, but let me tell you I decided one day that I was going to go for it because I am me and that is beautiful so I booked a session with Jeff and when I got my pictures back the way I felt about myself was empowering and I felt beautiful in my own skin again for the first time in years and I actually couldn’t wait to share my pictures with my husband and some close friends! Jeff makes you feel so comfortable durning your sessions and I had a blast the whole time I was there I would tell anyone reading this on the fence to quit worrying about what everyone else thinks and do this for you because you’re beautiful and you won’t regret it !"

Mrs. N's Experience

"If you are looking for an amazing photographer for your boudoir shoot, look no farther! Jeff was amazing to work with, from my first inquiry to the day of shoot. I was very hesitant at first to have a male photographer taking boudoir photos, but that thought completely left my mind during the session. Jeff is very down to earth, which I loved, he played music of my choice and modeled what poses to do, making it so I was never uncomfortable. I absolutely love my images, as does my husband!"

Mrs. S's Experience

"Just do it! Jeff is absolutely amazing! This was my first shoot, and I was extremely nervous, but I didn’t need to be. He is extremely professional, and knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable with certain poses, he will never push you to do them. If you want modesty, you’ve got it. If you want something more provocative, you’ve got that too. He is constantly checking in to make sure you’re okay with the poses and his ideas. You are in control here, he’s just there to guide you so that you can see your truest beauty. I am in love with how my photos turned out and am shocked at how I look through someone else’s eyes. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Is it a small investment? Sure. But is it worth it? 1,000%!!! I will definitely be recommending him to everyone I know."

Ms. Hartman's Experience

"He is very respectful and will do anything to make you feel comfortable with yourself and your photos. Jeff is the also an awesome hype man and makes a unique experience. He’ll crack jokes, show you exactly how to do the poses and get the best reactions for the pictures. The makeup artist airbrush your foundation, give you false lashes to wear, and really accentuate all of your best features. His creative lighting and backdrops make every photo unique and gives you images you couldn’t imagine. I definitely recommend doing a photoshoot with Jeff if you get the opportunity to. It’s an extremely unique experience that can completely change the way you look at yourself."

Mrs. Maddox's Experience

"I Absolutely loved my session! Jeff was professional yet fun and silly getting that perfect smile for the amazing picture..really has a great eye for poses and posture love love love it. I felt gorgeous and had a great time, the ladies that did my hair and makeup did a phenomenal job! Thank you!"

Ms. McGahey's Experience

"I was very nervous but excited. We arrived and were welcomed in and instantly felt so much more comfortable. Hair and makeup were beautiful, and helped us get to know each other better and then picture time! Very professional and fun which helped ease the nerves! I felt comfortable the whole time and Jeff’s excitement of the shots he was taking only made me that much more excited! Asked about my likes/dislikes, listened to my thoughts. Even a morning after preview! I have never felt more beautiful and confident in my own skin! Thanks again Jeff, you did so great to work with!"

Mrs. Swedorski's Experience

"Jeff is amazing! Through the whole experience, Jeff provides for great communication, fun photoshoot and perfectly created photos. He takes the time to listen to the ideas, provides for appropriate guidance during a session, and makes it all come together in the end. I would without a doubt recommend Jeff to anybody that wants to have a great boudoir experience. I know for sure, I personally will return for the future shoots!"

Ms. Powell's Experience

"Me, like many other women I think struggle with the idea and thought of what others think of us, which in turn creates a negative mind set of what we think of ourselves. Jeff has such a welcoming, bubbly, light persona he lets off. I was soooo nervous, but he created a relationship with me starting the second I walked in the door. There were many times during the session he would snap a picture and get genuinely excited with how it turned out, to see someone get excited over a picture of me? It’s such a good feeling. He was INCREDIBLY respectful, as a male in this field, I was iffy I can’t lie. But he never once not even for a second made me uncomfortable, he asked permission every single time he needed to do something as simple as move my hair. He made posing easy and fun, he poses great himself for any one wondering. He left the room for me to change, and turned around when i would adjust to a new position. He was wonderful, and the work he creates is absolutely breathtaking. The boost of confidence he gave me from the photos he created is something I never would have been able to achieve without him. I’ve never felt as flawless as I do looking at my photos from him."

Mrs. Chinavare's Experience

"Jeff is amazing to work with! Tells you exactly how to pose so you don’t feel lost, and always make sure you feel 100% comfortable. Highly recommend booking a session with him."

Ms. Mast's Experience

"Jeff is amazing at what he does. Not only is he professional, but he makes you feel at ease. This was my first time doing a boudoir session and I was so nervous. He made sure to make me comfortable before, during, and after my session. This experience helped me with my confidence, he truly made me see my worth and beauty. Had I known how much boudoir would do for me, I would have done it sooner. I can’t wait for my next shoot."

Mrs. Langford's Experience

"Jeff is very professional! His photos come out very intimate! However during session it's anything but intimate, it is comfortable and fun! The photos are amazing! My husband loved the album and metal wall art.. You're allowed to bring someone along too if you're uncomfortable at first. The hair and make up girls do an amazing job, they are very sweet and professional as well! This is the perfect gift for your loved one! I can't say enough about my experience! I recommend any and every female get these done. Those that are not comfortable in their own skin will cry upon seeing the result! Jeff gets you to love yourself with the quality of photo he takes. Any pose you don't want to do, you don't have to. You are in complete control of your session... This was my favorite and best experience I have ever had! Thank you to Jeff and his team!"

Ms. Moorhouse's Experience

"Jeff is amazing. My husband and I traveled over 2 hours for my first ever boudoir shoot and it was well worth it! Jeff was very professional, and great at coaching someone who is not normally comfortable in front of a camera. It was a great experience and I can’t wait for the reveal. The teasers we saw turned out amazing! I would recommend Jeff to everyone interested in this type of shoot, you won’t be disappointed!"